Communication / Telecom systems


Point to Point Intercom

Point-to-point intercom systems are used for direct voice communication
between two points or persons like “Boss & Sectretary”. As they are a dedicated link like a hot line, there will not be a busy tone anytime.

6b. Office intercom system
These systems do not have any connection with the outside network and are used for private internal communication only. There is no possibility of anyone making chargeable calls and no “misuse” can be made. This is useful when the office staff needs to communicate internally without any connection with the outside world.
6c. Gateways for GSM network

GSM Gateways help to connect the mobile network (using a GSM SIM card) to a landline type telephone or EPABX/KTS system. Outward calls from an EPABX can be made through a GSM network, to take advantage of the reduced mobile-to-mobile call rates. GSM gateways are also useful in cases where the GSM network is “not reachable” within some premises. The GSM gateways can be installed near the windows, where the signal is strong, and a wired connection can be taken inside on a landline type phone.