Alarm Systems


(Useful for Homes, Shops, Offices and other premises)


A 24x7 Watchman: Can be programmed to call you to alarm you about an emergency that has occurred in your premises, like entry of burglars or armed criminals, fire/smoke, gas leakage, etc.


Only YOU can protect your HOME and your FAMILY. This tele-security system is a very cost effective tool and the right solution, which you must provide yourself to check the entry of those cunning, plotting and ruthless criminals who want to target your home and your family.



The " COMMUNICATOR ", is an electronic system which can keep 24x7 continuous vigil on your premises like a full-time "WATCHMAN". It can alert you DIRECTLY through telephone, when you are away, if it detects any threats to your premises and family such as from intruding burglars, dacoity, smoke/fire, gas leakages, call for help in case of health emergencies, etc, so that you can immediately take action to save your family and property. 

You can store upto five telephone numbers of those people who are responsible and would take immediate action in arranging help in case of such emergency. Communicator calls them, and announces a pre-recorded message, informing where the emergency has occurred.

magnetic door sensor
motion detector1
bration sensors
The 'Communicator' detects the burglars through various "detectors" or "sensors" like DOOR OPENING DETECTOR (detects un-authorised opening of doors), SHUTTER OPENING DETECTOR (detects opening of shop shutters), MOTION DETECTORS (detects human motion in the area facing it), VIBRATION SENSORS (detects vibration when burglar uses hammers to break a wall), GLASS BREAK SENSORS (detects the breaking of glass Windows), etc. Some detectors can be connected using wires, while some through wireless signal.
Smoke Dectector
gas detector
GAS LEAKAGE DETECTORS or SMOKE DETECTORS can also be connected to the 'Communicator'. In addition if such gas leakages occurs, it can shut off an automatic gas valve all by itself. 

In case of Dacoity or Forced Intrusion, PANIC SWITCHES (wired or wireless) connected to the communicator can be used to raise the alarm. It is useful for SENIOR CITIZENS to raise an alarm in case they require immediate medical attention.
panic switch

CORDED PANIC SWITCHES installed in bathrooms are useful especially for SENIOR CITIZENS to raise an alarm, if they happen to fall on slippery bathroom floors.